Oklahoma City Luncheon | June 2023

Join us for lunch as we hear from Helen Kasper.


Tue, June 13, 2023

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CDT



49th Floor of Devon Tower

333 W Sheridan Ave., 49th Floor

Oklahoma City, OK 73102



You've got this, girl boss! It takes a lot of work, resilience, and patience to bloom as women in the workplace. And yet, alongside all of that effort, we also know that there are other factors that impact our ability to bloom: we need one another! Think about the people who have supported you. Maybe a woman a step ahead of you served to mentor you through a transition or difficult season. Perhaps a woman vouched for you, offering you an opportunity you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Or did a co-worker simply offer you friendship — easing the pressure and adding lightness to your job? We have all been impacted by one another and we each have the ability to positively influence others so that they too can girl-boss their way to success. This month, join us as we focus our attention outwards — together let’s look for ways we can help others bloom.

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Oklahoma City June Luncheon